Siegeworks Lab is providing the below offering in response to the COVID19 threat to all of us and ours. We feel a moral imperative to offer the following products to you, at discounted rates as these are all based on digitally and remote provided services. Whether here or there, our expert team members will con delivering world-class advisory services to not only enterprise clients but also individuals seeking to further develop their own skills to attain that next level of life, in their minds. Below you will find a series of Digital Products offered to Individuals and Entities. If seeking volume discounts, please directly contact someone on the team for availability and promotions:

Digital Products and Services:

1on1 Cyber Tutoring & Mentorship 1 Day $1,500.00
Certification Exam Preparation 4 Hours $800.00
Speaker Led Luncheons & Lectures 3 Hours $1000.00
Team Coaching and Instruction 1 Day $2,000.00
Executive Development & Advisory 1 Day $3,000.00
Breach Response Planning & Support 1 Day $2,000.00
DarkNet Threat Hunting & Investigations 1 Day $3,000.00
Enterprise Policy and Architecture Reviews 1 Day $2,500.00
Malware & Threat-Actor Analysis & Gaming 1 Day $3,000.00
Invention & Patent Development Assistance 1 Day $1,600.00
Quality Assurance & Product Stress Testing 1 Day $1000.00
Internet & Digital Footprint Assessment 1 Day $2,000.00

Coming Soon

SiegeOS TM – is a counter-threat and breach response platform designed to empower users with the appropriate tools and options to respond effectively to cyber-attacks. Our system turns the crosshairs of your enterprise defenses across your digital castle walls internally towards threats actively operating within your castle walls. Designed to unhinge and unseat persistent threats who’ve established remote covert channels into your enterprise.

A solution that actively identifies mitigates, and hunts the threats across your enterprise; helps to identify which of your systems are compromised and working against your security team. With no agents to install, SiegeOSTM monitors and verifies all devices, including IoT, IIoT, and BYOD regardless of operating system or hardware. The simple-to-use interface is focused on enabling breach detection and response and threat hunting. First of its kind, enterprise centralization, and integration of core network management and security features in one de